Covid-19 Donation
Covid-19 Donation
Covid-19 Donation

Covid-19 Donation

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Due to COVID-19 many small businesses have been severely impacted, ours not being an exception. As a small growing business, our team is following all CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.

That being said, every donation helps! Every single dollar. Your donation will help our business grow and help us continue running our website and continue our mission



"We want to make sure that everyone is welcome when using our products. There should not be any second hand questions when using or trying to purchase our products. No individual will be better than one other. We made sure that everyone has the opportunity to feel CONFIDENT equally." 



(Donation Incentives)

$5.00 = $1.00 Off Coupon Code

$15.00 = Free Shipping Coupon Code

$25.00$5.00 Off Coupon Code

$50.00 = 15% Off Coupon Code + 1 Free Mystery Luminous Lip Gloss

$100.00 =  5 Piece Mystery Luminous Lip Gloss Bundle + $10.00 Gift Card

Covid-19 Donation