About Us


​"We want to make sure that everyone is welcome when using our products. There should not be any second hand questions when using or trying to purchase our products. No individual will be better than one other. We made sure that everyone has the opportunity to feel CONFIDENT equally." - RANVIER VILLAMIL



Meet Ranvier Villamil, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for RANVIER VILLAMIL™. Ranvier was a freelance makeup artist and always had the passion to uplift people through communication and his art work. As time flew by, Ranvier became frustrated when he could not find any products that were accessible for all. One day, Ranvier started to sketch out ideas for his own makeup line. He wanted to create products that were missing in the beauty industry. He wanted to create accessible beauty products for all that were easy to use for all skill levels and beauty lovers out there. In addition, Ranvier wanted to make sure that as a small business he wanted to contribute back to his community whether it is local or global. We believe that everyone deserves to glow and our CEO made sure that with every purchase should have a purpose.